Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Top 5 Xposed Modules For Android!

Interested In customizing your Android!
Take It To the Next Level With These Xposed Modules! enjoy!! 

Full review : S4 revolution Rom v12

Here IS my Full review of one of the best Rom Available For all your International Galaxy S3! Enjoy!

My Story And Experience On youtube So Far!

So I have Completed My one Year On Youtube!
It was Been an amazing experience for Me!
Met A lots of awesome people like Shabin kamal (Androidsavvyy) and Ashwain Ganesh (C4ETech)
got a really nice Time here! learned Some Video Editing And Best OF all Learned Good English. even Though I Completed My studies Till 10th standard From a URDU Medium School!!
 By The Way My Full Name Is Shahazad Bagwan I live In Mumbai! I am 17 right Now.

Review: ChargeCard!

Here Is my full review of ChargeCard! Enjoy